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School of Nature

Join our activities and discover all what you can learn from nature.



School of Nature offers a range of activities in order to help you reconnect with nature and with yourself.


School of Nature offers fun, useful, and age-relevant nature-centric activities, workshops, holiday camps around the following 7 themes:
1. My soul
2. My food
3. My body
4. My house
5. My environment
6. My small business
7. My arts


Each of the 7 themes includes numerous activities that are organized in learning modules in a dynamic, fun and practical way. In School of Nature, your learning is monitored continuously in order to make the best out of your learning and transformational journey.


Nature welcomes everyone... School of Nature offers activities to children, teenagers and adults.

Where ?

School of Nature activities currently take place in the wide 8 Ha site of our partner Ecole de Jardinage du Bouregreg, 15 mn away from Rabat downtown. It is a beautiful garden designed and developed with care and love for nature, with a very nice mediterranean cuisine restaurant and a play area for kids.

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1 - My Soul


Who created everything and what is my role on earth?

This module helps understand where we come from and what is expected from us. On the practical side, it gives a roadmap for self-transformation towards what is best for us as humans living in communities. The module is centered around the 3 vocations of human beings on Earth:

(i)  Devotion to the Creator (ʿibādah),

(ii) Cultivation of the Land (ʿimārat alarḍ)

(iii) Stewardship of the Earth (khilāfaht al-arḍ)

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3 - My Food

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In the food module, students will learn to grow, care, harvest, process and store plant and animal products. They will also learn to prepare healthy meals. In order to get a full understanding of their food systems, students will also learn about soil health and how to improve it in order to improve humans health. On the practical side, students will run small farming projects at different stages of the food value chain.

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2 - My Environment


This module includes the topics of landscapes, water and energy and how to interact with them regeneratively. Students will learn to recognize the distinctive features of moroccan landscapes and identify the opportunities and threats. Students will then learn to understand the cycle of water, in relation with land shapes. Then, students will learn about clean energy sources and how to use them.  On the practical side, students will work on water harvesting and wind energy projects.

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4 - My House


In this module, students will learn about family and home. A parallel will be drawn between family and house. Students will learn how to build, improve, maitain and repair both family and house. On the practical side, students will define and undertake family-reinforcing actions. In parallel, they will build a natural house in small scale and learn how to maintain it.

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5 - My Small Business


This module is about creating and running a small business that is useful to the community. Students will first learn about value creation and capture, then about markets where demand meets supply. Finally, students will work on their own ikigaï - their reason for being. On the practical side, students will create and run a real small market.


Administration : 2 Rue Annabia, Hay Ryad Rabat Morocco

Activities Site : Ecole de Jardinage de Bouregreg, Salé Morocco

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“Sitting at our back doorsteps, all we need to live a good life lies about us. Sun, wind, people, buildings, stones, sea, birds and plants surround us. Cooperation with all these things brings harmony, opposition to them brings disaster and chaos.” - Bill Mollison

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